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Summer Chilled Sweets on Sale!

The blooming hydrangeas signal the arrival of early summer. We are excited to introduce our perfect-for-the-season chilled sweets!


🟢 Mizu Yokan: A refreshing texture and elegant sweetness to soothe the summer heat.

🟢 Aoume (Green Plum): A perfect balance of tartness and sweetness, evoking the freshness of early summer.

🟢 Mitsumame: A colorful mix of ingredients that brings a cool sensation and a rich taste.

Enjoy them chilled for an enhanced flavor. Available from today, May 27th, at our main and direct stores! Single items also available.

At our Ecute Shinagawa store, we also offer a variety-packed chilled sweets set, "Toki no Shizuku". Perfect for early summer gifts.

Enjoy a refreshing moment of early summer with our chilled sweets!

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