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Kogane Dango only lasts for a day

Our main product, "Kogane Dango" (rice dumpling), is often criticized for not being suitable as a gift because it does not last long. Of course, we can make our products last longer by modifying them, but no matter how convenient this age of convenience has become, we still value the inconvenience of simple and transience dango. 


Furukawa Motohisa, owner of Furuya Kogane Ann

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Established in 1936
A Japanese confectionery shop in Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

​Inheriting Japanese traditional culture, Wagashi, we continue to pursue authentic taste.

Latest information

Warabi Mochi on sale from tomorrow(5/16)


"Kogane Dango Black Sesame Wasanbon" with plenty of ground sesame, in addition to our signature products such as "Mochi no Dorayaki" with a chewy texture, we offer a variety of Japanese confectionery that match the season. 


In addition to Hatagaya Main Store in Shibuya-ku, Ecute Shinagawa Store, Sogo Yokohama Store, and Hiyoshi Tokyu Store, there are stores that carry our products in various locations. You can also purchase some products online. Please contact us in advance as the products handled differ depending on the store.

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