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New Year's Preparations:Japanese Sweets

One week to go until the New Year! We have prepared our traditional New Year's items. They will be on sale from tomorrow, 12/26. Noshimochi will be available by reservation only until 12/28.

Hanabira Mochi: A traditional Japanese confectionery that has been eaten as a New Year's ritual at court during the Heian period (794-1185).

Jo-Nama-Gashi: Created by our craftsmen in colors suitable for the New Year. It can be placed on plate and enjoyed as a decoration.

Eto-Manju: A New Year's confectionary branded with the Chinese character for dragon. Please enjoy our specialty sweet bean paste.

Noshi-mochi: A smooth texture made with the utmost attention to taste and freshness of pounding. You can enjoy the original taste of glutinous rice made on the day of delivery. Reservations are accepted until 12/28

New Year's Set: 2 pieces of Monaka with sweetened sweet bean paste and 4 pieces of

Mochi no Dorayaki plain rice cake. This set is a perfect gift for New Year.

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