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Fu-In-Ka, three refreshing treats that evoke early summer vibes

Introducing three refreshing treats that evoke early summer vibes:

Fu-In-Ka, harmonious delights of cool confection.

Mizu-Yokan: Experience the delightful combination of smooth bean paste sweetness and a refreshing sensation that cools your palate. Let the gentle aroma of summer envelop you.

Ohme: Indulge in the perfect harmony of tangy green apricot and the satisfyingly gelatinous texture of jelly. This exquisite pairing captures the invigorating essence of summer.

Mitsu-mame: Savor the harmonious blend of the richness of honey and a revitalizing touch of sourness. This flavor profile encapsulates the essence of summer sunshine.

To fully appreciate these delectable treats, we recommend enjoying them chilled. Starting from June 1, they will be available for purchase at our Hatagaya main store and our directly-managed locations.

We are pleased to offer a wide variety of other cool confections. Furthermore, starting from June 1, we will have the seasonal drop confection called "Toki-no-shizuku" available exclusively at our Ecute Shinagawa Store.

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